'Alfonso Texidor'

by Don Paul and Hamid Drake

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February 20, 2016
Marigny Recording Studio, New Orleans
Rick G. Nelson, engineer


Alfonso Texidor

Alfonso Texidor,
Skinny hombré, sharp angles, fiery eye,
Bird-alert with his cane a sword
For the insurgent, tilting dawn or Don

Alfonso Texidor,
Soul-singer and interpreter,
Delivering between cigarettes and wine
Rebel spirit of the many from Azania to Salvador.

Lies, Sir--Don't Believe It!
He hung himself while shaving!
He tripped on a bar of soap—
While tying his shoelaces—
And exploded from the 90th floor—
Due to office-furniture fires!
There is only one of two poss-i-bil-i-ties--
Either you can go on, or you quit,
And you can't quit, so you go on
Till you return again
As a hero for el pueblo,
Another Knight of nights, the dawn or Don.

Alfonso Texidor!
Call him his name!
Champion of the heart-sore
Really up against the wall!
Every day of decades
For him a battle, la lucha ciertamente,
To turn that cane into a sword or wand.
Don't we hear him calling?
He won and is winning!
Alfonso Texidor!

Don Paul, first September 4, 2015


released May 15, 2016
Hamid Drake drum-set
Don Paul vocal



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