Storms Arise From The Eyes Of Men And Still The Second​-​Lines DANCE!

from by Don Paul

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Mario Abney, trumpet and accompanying vocal. Matt Davis, banjo and guitar. Gene Harding, drums. Zack Knewstub, piano, Leslie organ and Fender Rhodes, Rick G. Nelson, bass. Cole Williams, accompanying vocal. Kaliq Woods, clarinet,


"Storms Arise From The Eyes Of Men /
And Still The Second-Lines Dance!"

Storms arise from the eyes of men
Who think abuse is not a sin.
They do not know that all of God
All of God--all of God
Comes back again
Comes back again--comes back again

The Levees broke.
Canals were overtopped.
Water rose and struck like a train or plot.
The people stood. Some who could fled.
Natives waved on rooftops to be fed
For days and nights
Of heat, sweat, shit,
Thunder and chopping sounds.
Or they swam, floated, waded, and trudged
Over blocks that their families had built
To a place named Superdome
And waited there, more days
Of heat, sweat, shit, thunder and chopping sounds,
With babies squalling on Astroturf.

The whole world saw--the whole world gaped--
The whole world asked:
"How can this be
In America, rich America?"

Soon help came from ev'ry corner--
All States and Continents--
One by one, one to one, and ones as one--
To bridge the Bridge and cross the Cross,
To lift and heal the hurt and torn,
To work in solidarity, not charity,

28 Animals Are Always Making Music

To do for sure
What remains undone
In blocks that grandfathers built
When there was work on docks.
Stories and lessons from Auntie
And Uncle Jim over lunch and supper,
No Smack and Crack on the corner....
To do for sure
What remains undone
Two, three, four, five, more years after
Water rose and struck like a train or plot
And left blocks of boarded windows
Knee-high grass, fallen frames, X's for addresses--
Lower Ninth Ward, Upper Ninth Ward,
Eighth Ward, Seventh Ward, Central City, …--
Lots and houses without a Road Home,
Lots and houses left by malign neglect,
Two, three, four, five, more years after
Water rose and struck like a train or plot

And still they dance!
Still the second-lines dance!
Still the Indians mask and dance!
Still the walks of Church people dance!
Still the buskers and street acrobats dance!
They dance--dance--dance--dance--dance! …


from Ever​-​Changing Light, released January 13, 2017
Recorded at Marigny Recording Studio in New Orleans, March 2, March 27, July 14, September 17, 2015. Produced by Don Paul. Mixed by DP with Rick G. Nelson. Paul//Abney/Harding/Knewstub?Williams/Woods BMI 2015.



all rights reserved