Two​-​Toothed Buddha 2016

by Don Paul

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Recorded in January 1989 at Olde West Studio in San Francisco to 1-inch tape with Peter Eckert as engineer.


Two-toothed Buddha stands up everywhere
Two-toothed Buddha shakes her fist in the air
Two-toothed with 'bout an inch of hair
She's a two-toothed Buddha--two-toothed Buddha
Two-toothed Buddha

Two-toothed Buddha pounds on glass doors
Two-toothed Buddha throws toys on the floor
Two-toothed Buddha grabs hold of your nose
She's a two-toothed Buddha--...
Climbing all over you!

Two-toothed Buddha touches drooling dogs
Two-toothed Buddha reached out to hug
Two-toothed Buddha sees no reason not to love
She's a ...

Two-toothed Buddha sometimes sits still
Two-toothed Buddha sometimes gazes deep
Two-toothed Buddha has never heard of Hell
She's a two-toothed Buddha-- ...
Destroying to create Destroying to create
She's! got a lot to tell She's got a lot to tell


released January 24, 2016
Don Paul / Joie Mastrokalos, BMI 1989
Don Paul lyrics, melody and police-whistle
Jois Mastrokalos, lead and rhythm guitars
Dave Chavez, electric bass
James Schaefer, drum-set
John Baker, piano and Hammond B3 organ
Tenderloin Cares (TLC): Emmanuel France, Leon Smith
and Raymond Wynn, backing vocals



all rights reserved